How does AIMUNSHI work?

E-mail with Auto-Processing
Receive a Financial Document
  • Receive the Invoice, Credit note from either Email or via API calls
Save the file
  • Store the original copy of document in file system or in cloud
Flexible Output Format
Extract & validate
  • Perform the data extraction using Artificial Intelligence
  • Do the necessary prediction or self correction wherever required
  • Apply the business validation & rules which are applicable
Database Storage
Choice of Output
  • Create the output in desired format as well as store in database of choice
  • Has out of box reporting analytics
How Does aiMunshi Work?
aiMunshi Data Extraction Tool

AIMUNSHI Data Capture

Thanks to AI, the invoice data capture tool functions efficiently, regardless of any specific template setups or complex business rules.

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aiMunshi can virtually read the data from entire documents and extract valuable information, as closely as a human mind, along with constituent semantics and structured layout. It is powered by neural networks to enable transfer, storage, and retrieval of data from semi-structured documents.

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aiMunshi is the ideal option for automating data extraction from your documents with Artificial Intelligence. The product enables retrieval and storage of financial data in line with relevant business validation rules.

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